Have they turned a corner? The Redskins beat a team that won three games last year, has a new coach and an inconsistent quarterback and shaky coverage. It's hardly time to call last Sunday's win in Tampa Bay a turnaround. However, it was good and necessary for them to see what Robert Griffin III did in leading the game-winning drive. And what Sunday did was provide a necessary morale boost. It would have been ugly had there been a third straight loss.


Will the defense ever stop giving up big plays?

Doubt it. This has plagued them for a while, it's just that they're giving up even more these days (20 pass plays for 20 yards or more already this season). They have issues in the secondary, from their corners' height to a lack speed at safety with Brandon Meriweather sidelined, and they need to apply more pressure on the quarterback. The impact of Brian Orakpo's loss could be felt more and more as the season unfolds. It's worth watching.


Will Alfred Morris keep posting big games?

If he continues to press the hole well and get excellent blocking from his receivers then those runs and games are possible. And as long as the receivers continue blocking this well then anything is possible for Morris.


Can the Redskins continue moving the ball without running Robert Griffin III? His legs will be, and should be, a part of the game plan every week. But when he's carrying as much as he did vs. Cincinnati there's a reason: nothing else is working. Against the Bucs, they still used the zone read, but Griffin only kept it seven times. When the offense is working well with play-action and bootlegs, Griffin's running ability won't be as needed. They'll still scare a defense.


Can they upset Atlanta? The Falcons are 4-0, but let's not compare them to the 1991 Redskins just yet. They will be a major challenge to Washington's defense, which ranks 29th in yards and 27th in points. The Falcons' offense is balanced and ranks third in points. But the Falcons also allow 5.2 yards per carry and have allowed 48 percent of third downs to be converted. They have issues too that have, so far, been overcome.

- John Keim