1How will Robert Griffin III handle seeing a team for a second time? Actually, the better question might be how the Giants handle seeing him a second time. They learned a thing or two about being disciplined. How will that impact their game plan or their rush? They intercepted Griffin once, caused him to fumble and sacked him three times. But he also posted a 108.9 passer rating and hurt them with both his arm and legs. Also, the reality is the Redskins have been adjusting their offense all season. Doing it again is nothing new.

2Will Trent Williams be healthy? Hard to say, but it's fortunate that his deep thigh bruise occurred nearly a week ago and the ensuing game is on a Monday night. Williams has a tough task with the Giants' ends, though the Redskins do a good job limiting how often they must block one-on-one. All the fakes and bootlegs and zone reads lessen the burden on a tackle in pass protection.

3Will they miss backup linebacker Keenan Robinson? Yes. How much so remains to be seen, but Robinson continues to improve each week and his speed will be missed not only on defense but special teams. Also, if something happens to London Fletcher, the Redskins lose a guy who could come in and help in coverage. What this also means is that in certain packages Lorenzo Alexander goes from being a rusher to having to play more coverage in place of Robinson.

4Can the defense stop the big play? That's how they lost the Giants game in October, but every team hits a big play or two on them. It's not about to change. The hope for them is that they have defended the Giants well in the past. In five games vs. the Redskins' 3-4 defense, quarterback Eli Manning has posted one game with a passer rating higher than 80.2 -- and none higher than 84.

5Why are the Redskins receivers so explosive of late? Pierre Garcon is healthy and Aldrick Robinson is finally contributing. Robinson won't catch a lot of passes, but he doesn't need to. And those big plays, which he's made the past two games, energize the entire team. Between Garcon and Robinson, the Redskins have two players who can threaten a defense.

- John Keim