What can Robert Griffin III do for an encore?

It's tough to top a near-perfect game, but that's what Griffin will have to do. It would be asking a lot for him to match the numbers he put up last week. He's not facing a good defense, again, so Griffin will have a chance to post more big numbers.

2How will defenses adapt to him? Just remember, there was film on Carolina's Cam Newton last year, too, and it didn't always help. But there's no doubt defenses will make more of an effort to keep him in the pocket. They should consider, too, telling any blitzer to forget the ballcarrier and always go at Griffin. He's the one who can hurt a defense. Alfred Morris is a nice runner, but Griffin is a difference maker. Had the Saints not hesitated on this a couple times last week it would have made a difference.


Are the fears over the secondary gone?

One game doesn't change that concern, but the Redskins now have a chance for the defensive backs to have a strong start. Atlanta has the best quarterback of their next five games. What made a difference Sunday is that they played tight man coverage, which matched the blitzes and pressure applied up front.


Is there a chance of a letdown? The storyline this week is the same as it always is before they play St. Louis: Can they follow up a big win with a solid win over a bad team? The Redskins haven't done this in the past because, well, they were a bad team themselves. It wasn't about overlooking other teams; it was about talent. If they roll the Rams on Sunday, we'll learn a lot about them.

5 Will Pierre Garcon play? He said after Sunday's win that he would play vs. St. Louis. The hunch is that he will play, but how much is another matter. Aldrick Robinson showed what he can do in place of Garcon, but his loss would be a decent one. Consider that in four of his eight plays last week he caught four passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. Garcon is a terrific blocker, too.

- John Keim