1. How will they bounce back? The Redskins fancy themselves a resilient bunch, and they need to prove it. Yes, Sunday was a brutal loss, but they'll also be playing their home opener -- Robert Griffin III's official Washington debut. But it's not just about the loss it's about moving forward minus two defensive starts.

2. What is the impact of Brian Orakpo's loss? It's huge and anyone who thinks there's not a big drop-off from Orakpo to Rob Jackson and Chris Wilson is fooling themselves. Orakpo showed all facets of his game vs. the Rams in limited action, with a sack/fumble and a terrific tackle on Danny Amendola in the slot. Teams will now focus more on pass-rusher Ryan Kerrigan, who often benefitted from not only the attention paid to Orakpo but also from him at times forcing the quarterback his way.

3. What is the impact of Adam Carriker's loss?

It's big, but the Redskins do have a capable veteran and a promising young guy to take over. But Kedric Golston's durability could be an issue as the season unfolds, and Jarvis Jenkins is still learning how to play the position in the NFL. Right now, he's best in nickel situations.

4. Will Pierre Garcon play? Good question. Garcon was just about ruled out in the coach's minds last Friday, but he still tested his bruised right foot in pregame. But until he's able to test it in practice, Garcon's status is uncertain. If he's limited Thursday or Friday, that's trouble. His presence is huge, not only for his receiving but also his blocking.

5. What's wrong with the defense? The inability to pressure with just four (or even five) rushers. That'll get harder minus Orakpo, but the linebacking corps is not great in coverage, and the secondary is inconsistent in that area as well. End Stephen Bowen has had moments but needs more help; this is where Jenkins must produce. The Redskins tend to give up big plays, so if the rush isn't getting to the quarterback there's trouble.