1. Will Robert Griffin III play? He passed the conditioning tests Tuesday and will practice Wednesday, according to team and league sources, so that's a good sign. If no symptoms return, then he'll play against the Vikings. This will bear watching, especially with the sort of hits he's been receiving, though he was only hit three times Sunday -- one just happened to be vicious. Consider it the life of a mobile quarterback who happens to be a rookie.

2. Will he change his ways? He'd better not. OK, he'll have to alter them a little just to stay healthy (as he has on the zone read handoffs by raising his arm). But Griffin was drafted because of what he could do with his arm and legs. His legs, and the threat of what he might do, help power this offense.

3. Where's the pass rush?

Good question. The Redskins covered well vs. Atlanta, but the pass rush has been nonexistent for several games. They tried a few blitzes, some stunts and nothing worked. Losing Brian Orakpo clearly has changed things. Ryan Kerrigan's pass rushing was too quiet Sunday. He had the touchdown, but there was little pressure otherwise. They don't have a player in the secondary who's considered a strong blitzer.

4. Will Kai Forbath make a difference?

Who knows? The kid has never attempted a field goal in an NFL game. So nobody knows how he'll fare. It typically takes kickers longer to mature, but that only comes through real game experience. However, Billy Cundiff was not going to improve. Maybe Forbath will. There's your hope. The pendulum has swung back to needing patience with a young kicker. Enjoy the growing pains.

5. Why can't they win at home?

Well, because they haven't been a very good team. But it is shocking that it's been more than a year since they've won at FedEx Field. After Sunday's game against 4-1 Minnesota, they travel to the Giants and the Steelers. They'd best end that eight-game skid at home on Sunday or face an ugly skid.