1. Of course Robert Griffin III looked good in his pro day workout Wednesday. What did you expect? He’s throwing to his buddies with no pads on and no defense rushing at him. If you’re one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, you had better look good. He looked accurate, but that wasn’t a knock on him anyway. And his footwork really was strong. But, again, that wasn’t in doubt. And Griffin wasn’t under much pressure. He’s going to be picked second – unless he goes first. The doubts about his height ended a while ago; nobody ever questioned his athleticism, his arm or his accuracy downfield.  His game film spoke volumes; everything since then confirmed what scouts saw on tape. The kid is a legit talent. We still don't know how long it'll take him to adjust to the NFL, but that's what the preseason is for.
  2. The big aspect of the private workout is getting a feel for the ball sounds coming out of his hand; you get a better feel for his velocity. Certainly the Redskins had to be impressed with that Wednesday. The private workouts will be more telling. That’s when the Redskins can have him run some of their plays, getting a better sense of their offense. One scout said teams often bring in their receivers to have them work with the prospective pick.  
  3. What the workout did is sell Griffin even more to the public. It’s his charisma; hard not to be sucked in by his personality, which is evident on the field when he plays, even when watching on TV. He clearly enjoyed being in the spotlight and was relaxed; the cameras caught him one time mouthing lyrics to a song being played. Don’t ask me what it is, I’m not that hip. Later, Griffin told reporters  (courtesy of an @rich_campbell tweet) about the pressure of turning around a franchise, “I like that pressure because I believe in myself.” Tough not to embrace a guy with that sort of attitude. Some say it; he seems to mean it. Griffin had a rapport with his teammates and did not seem to be playing to the camera, with all the smiles and fancy handshakes. Tough to fake all that and, besides, it’s everything we heard he was like anyway.  
  4. I have yet to hear anything other than the Colts will pick Andrew Luck. Could it happen that Indy changes its mind? Well, sure. But it’s very tough to see. In the past year Luck was been considered the best college quarterback in the country and a lock for the No. 1 pick. He’s done nothing to change that opinion. Griffin rose up, yes, but Luck did nothing to fall. Scouts love the way he plays QB, too. Based on talks with scouts and draft experts, Luck is headed to Indy. But I have heard from several people who think Griffin will be the better quarterback eventually – ex-scout Russ Lande, NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell among them.
  5. Having said that, I can’t believe that Redskins fans would be disappointed if Luck somehow went second. I get the Griffin appeal – trust me, I’d love to record his exploits -- but my goodness you’re talking about a fan base that hasn’t had a franchise QB in nearly 30 years being disappointed because a guy considered the best prospect since Peyton Manning fell to them. Think about that for a minute. This is like a guy who has eaten prison food for 15 years being disappointed because his first meal is prime rib and not lobster. But don’t worry, it’ll be Griffin.This comes from a scout, not from someone in a decision-making position. But he’s been around the game a while. Here’s his take: “Luck was the known for three years. All of a sudden RG3 bursts on the scene as an unknown and he has a great season, wins the Heisman. He doesn’t have the same body of work Luck has. That doesn’t mean he can’t be better, but that would be one of the all-time shockers if the Colts did that.”

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