CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The rapper Flo Rida loves America, he loves veterans and he loves President Barack Obama, but his vote? He's not going to discuss that.

"The first time voting was probably five years ago, it was definitely interesting, I was trying to make sure I don't mark the wrong person," he told reporters at the Got Your Six event, a Lifetime Television benefit for veterans, in which he was the featured performer. "I was happy that it was a private matter."

So he's voting for President Obama, yes? "I love Barack Obama," he said. "I'm going to go in my booth and it's going to be a private matter."

Flo Rida, whose single "Whistle" is killing it on the charts, played a raucous show, frequently jumping off stage and dancing with the crowd, including taking time to dance with one woman in a wheelchair. He ended the night by climbing to the top of the balcony to high five a bunch of his fans.