Florida Republican Party chairman Lenny Curry did not mince words describing former governor and ex-Republican Charlie Crist’s announcement that he was backing President Obama in the fall. Curry told the Tampa Bay Times:

Today we have seen a repugnant display from a self-centered, career politician.

While the people of Florida, and thousands of visitors who’ve traveled here, are facing an emergency, Charlie Crist has demonstrated, yet again, that his political ambition will always come first.

Beyond the appalling timing of this move, Crist now professes his support for Barack Obama despite spending his entire political career bashing the political agenda that Obama advances. Crist in 2010 said ‘I don’t agree with the guy on hardly anything he does.’

Crist, who declared himself a ‘pro-life’ ‘Ronald Reagan Republican,’ is on the record opposing the national healthcare mandate of ObamaCare. On another signature issue for Democrats, gay marriage, Charlie Crist ‘cheerfully’ supported the Christian Coalition’s petition calling for an amendment to Florida’s Constitution banning gay marriage and civil unions.

For Crist to pull this Obama stunt while the Florida faces a hurricane only proves Charlie Crist cares about just one thing: Charlie Crist.