Florida Gov. Rick Scott said all Floridians should be ready to evacuate as the state braces for Hurricane Irma, even if they are not in an evacuation zone.

"We can expect additional evacuations as this storm continues to come up through the state," Scott, a Republican, said during a news conference Friday. "I cannot stress this enough, do not ignore any evacuation orders. All Floridians should be prepared to evacuate."

Already, the Florida Keys and parts of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are under mandatory evacuation orders, as are coastal areas of the state.

Scott warned that those living in evacuation zones need to leave and discouraged people from waiting.

"If you're still in the Keys, get out now. We will quickly run out of good weather to evacuate," Scott said. "If you're told to evacuate, leave. Get out quickly. I'm a dad, and I'm a grandfather. I love my family and cannot imagine life without them. Do not put yourself or your family at risk."

Hurricane Irma hit the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other islands in the region as a Category 5 storm earlier this week, devastating the Caribbean and leaving at least 10 dead, according to reports.

The storm is expected to hit South Florida on Saturday night and move up the peninsula Sunday.

The National Hurricane Center downgraded Hurricane Irma to a Category 4 hurricane Friday, with sustained maximum winds of 150 miles per hour.