Donald Trump may have benefited from his decision to cancel his rally in Chicago due to protests and threatened violence, a new poll reports.

According to a Monmouth poll released Monday, 22 percent of Florida voters said the incidents in Chicago on Friday night make them more likely to vote for Trump, with only 11 percent saying they would be less likely. A vast majority, 66 percent, said that the heated protests from late last week make no difference.

The event Friday was cancelled by the Trump campaign after a string of protests, which led to violence and clashes between protesters and Trump supporters.

Less than 24 hours after the rally, an attendee at Trump's event in Dayton tried to rush the stage, leading Secret Service agents to surround a spooked Trump as other agents took down the individual.

In addition, Sen. Marco Rubio admitted Saturday morning that while he still plans to support the Republican nominee, "it's getting harder every day" to do so. Ohio Gov. John Kasich echoed those remarks, blaming Trump for the "toxic" environment he's created with his campaign.