Judge Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court confirmation team is eagerly anticipating Friday's Senate vote on the judge's nomination following Senate Republicans' use of the "nuclear option" to pave the way for his confirmation.

Senate Republicans' motion to invoke cloture and end debate on Gorsuch's nomination failed on Thursday, meaning the Democratic minority had successfully filibustered Gorsuch along partisan lines. In response, Senate Republicans led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnel deployed the "nuclear option" to lower the vote threshold required to confirm Gorsuch from 60 to 51 votes.

Gorsuch's team was supportive of Republicans' decision to go nuclear and the fallout that is expected to benefit the judge when the Senate casts its final vote.

"Today's vote is the culmination of over 30 years of abuse and obstruction by Democrats in the judicial confirmation process," said Leonard Leo, an adviser to President Trump on the Supreme Court. "Republicans have restored the long-standing tradition of the Senate of having a simple majority, up or down vote for Supreme Court nominees. The Constitution requires no more than that and the American people expect no less from the Senate."

A final vote on Gorsuch's nomination is expected to come Friday evening. Both Senate Republicans and Gorsuch's team sounded confident that the judge would be confirmed before the weekend begins.

"We look forward to Judge Gorsuch's confirmation because he is an exceptionally well qualified, independent and mainstream nominee who has received bipartisan Senate support after more than 20 hours of hearings," said Ron Bonjean, a communications strategist for Gorsuch advising the White House, on Thursday.