Mitt Romney's "get America working again" theme is turning its guns on a new Obama target: The 100-plus days the president has hit the links.

A new mailer that features a picture of President Obama and Vice President Biden, both in ties, golfing on the South Lawn putting green, states, "Americans aren't working, because Obama is not working."

One of four pages are devoted to the golfing theme under the headline "Barack Obama isn't working." The mailer cites the president's comments that "If you've got a businesses, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." And then it lists the grim reality of the current joblessness.

"Rather than working to rebuild our economy, Barack Obama is waiting for somebody else to do it," charges the Romney mailer. "Maybe that's why it has been 192 days since Obama met with his Jobs Council. Or maybe that is why he has had time to attend more than 100 political fundraisers and play more than 10 rounds of golf."

Technically, according to ESPN, the president has played 104 rounds of golf during his presidency. They added in a story this month: "No president has been more vilified for his love of golf than Obama. And perhaps not surprisingly, no president has done more to keep his game a secret. During the 104 rounds Obama has played as president, photographers have been permitted only five times, according to White House pool reports."