Team Obama has used raffles to induce supporters to begin donating by offering a chance to visit with the president, but now Democrats have dropped the donation requirement in an effort to build a list for the 2013 inauguration, which is expected to have low turnout.

“Are you ready to be blown away? You might want to sit down,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward wrote in an email this morning. “We’re rewarding all of our supporters with one FREE ENTRY into our contest to win a trip to DC for President Obama’s Inauguration weekend! All you have to do is add your name and you’ll be automatically entered to win.”

President Obama’s inaugural team is reportedly worried that they’ll have “a lot of empty seats” at this inauguration due to a lack of enthusiasm about his second term.

“The ceremony that Washington will stage in a few weeks won’t be the historic affair it was in 2009, when nearly 2 million people flocked to the Capitol to watch Obama take the oath of office,” according to the Daily Mail and Associated Press. “This time, District of Columbia officials expect between 600,000 and 800,000 people for Obama’s public swearing-in on the steps of the Capitol on Monday, January 21.”