During his Senate confirmation hearing this morning, Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew skirted around questions about what went on in the White House as the attack on Benghazi unfolded.

Lew, who was Obama’s chief of staff at the time, did not directly answer questions from Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., about who briefed the president that night. He told Burr the president’s “national security team” kept him updated, but refused to give names or confirm who was present for briefings.

“In the conversations that I was in, the national security staff was present, and —” Lew began.

“Would John Brennan be included in that?” Burr interrupted.

“You’re asking who was in a briefing, and that’s different from who was in a conversation,” Lew said. “If you ask people, were they in conversations, I think there might haven been a different answer.”