Jen Palmieri, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 campaign, said she and another top aide tried to convince the press to give Russia's meddling more focus and time, but claims those efforts were widely ignored.

"It was so surreal," Palmieri said on a Huffington Post podcast. "I felt as if I had been catapulted into another dimension where we would have these surreal conversations about the Russians and Trump and Mike Flynn and Carter Page and Donald Trump Jr. saying, ‘We're really invested in Russia.'"

Even though the media did provide some coverage of Russia issues, Palmieri's complaint is the coverage was imbalanced because of the heavy reporting on the John Podesta emails that were being released daily by WikiLeaks.

Palmieri said she and adviser Jake Sullivan, "went around to all the networks during the convention to do a briefing for them on Russia, about why they needed to take this more seriously."

Several months after the Russia investigations began to consume D.C., this year, the Washington Post published a lengthy exposé detailing how the Obama administration knew much more about the Russian meddling than originally understood, but took very little public action on the information — leading one former administration staffer to say, "I feel like we sort of choked."

If the media gave too little focus to Russia in 2016, there are those who presently claim the exact opposite.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, reacted to revelations about Donald Trump Jr. being invited to meet with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to get damaging opposition research on Clinton by saying the media and Washington were obsessed with Russia compared to the average American's concern with the story.

"[Russia] is the Democratic talking point du jour," Cruz said. "But when I go back to Texas, nobody asks about Russia. You know, I held town halls all over the state of Texas. You know how many questions I got on Russia? Zero. Outside of Washington, people are focused on, they're focused on Obamacare, they are focused on tax reform and want to see a simple flat tax and abolishing the IRS and regulatory reform."