San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid says he won't mind if his national anthem protests cost him a job during his free agency.

When asked if he was “concerned” if the protests would affect his prospects he said: "I would say I understand that's a possibility. And I'm completely fine with it. The things that I've done, I stand by, and I've done that for my own personal beliefs.”

“Like I said, I'm fine with whatever outcome happens because of that," he told reporters, according to ESPN.

Reid was the first player in the NFL to kneel alongside then-49ers teammate Colin Kaepernick in protest of the national anthem during a preseason game in 2016 and has since knelt during every game, something he says he does not regret.

Since taking part in the controversial protests, he has been actively outspoken on issues pertaining to race and social injustice.

Reid said that he had initially planned to stand during the anthem this season, but that changed after white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville in August which resulted in violent clashes with counterprotesters.

"There are probably teams that won't want to talk to me because of it. I'm hopeful that I will be on a team next year, but if not, again, that's OK with me,” he explained of his activism.

Reid was drafted by the 49ers in 2013 and will become a free agent after this season.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick remains unsigned this season and supporters say he is being blackballed by the NFL.