Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, blamed insurance companies for the increase in premiums since Obamacare became law, saying “they are helping to transform the Affordable Care Act into the Unaffordable Care Act.”

“Ultimately, the inherit flaw is, this is a system—for-profit system—run by the insurance companies,” Kucinich said. “The government is ending up subsidizing insurance companies and ultimately we’re going to have to go to Medicare for all, which would be good for businesses and good for everyone because the cost would be lower and we wouldn’t be cutting into jobs and working hours and other things.”

Wait a minute. It’s true that insurance companies share the blame since they helped write Obamacare behind closed doors. But who allowed that to happen? The same Democrats – including then-Rep. Dennis Kucinich – who now apparently want to blame insurance companies for Obamacare’s many flaws.

People like the provision that children can stay on their parent’s plan until 26, but fail to recognize such provisions have to be paid for by hiking premiums for somebody, or everybody. To say that is purely the fault of greedy insurance companies reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of Economics 101.

Further, how would Medicare be better for everyone? The Washington Post wrote in January that “Medicare as we know it is unsustainable.” It also wrote that higher costs associated with Medicare will “crowd out other necessary federal endeavors, forcing undesirable cuts, substantially higher taxes, unsustainable borrowing — or some combination of the three.”

Is that better for everyone? Medicare is failing, and putting all Americans on it would make it fail that much faster. The latest Trustees report says that the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted by 2026.

With this in mind, Kucinich should quit beating around the bush and say he favors the sine qua non of liberal health care reform, the single payer system, aka “socialism.” In any case, how would dumping everyone into Medicare reverse Obamacare’s “unforeseen” consequences (which were completely foreseen and repeatedly warned about by opponents) of reduced work hours and job losses?

With cuts to Medicare, increased costs on patients, businesses and insurance companies, it is obvious that the Affordable Care Act itself is responsible for becoming the Unaffordable Care Act.