A former Alabama congressman who was an early booster for President Obama is preparing to lend his support to the D.C. Republican Committee.

Rep. Artur Davis, who represented a heavily Democratic congressional district that ran through much of central Alabama, will appear at a Sept. 26 "advisory council' meeting for the city's Republican operation.

Membership on the panel requires a minimum donation of $500, the party said.

Davis was an Obama law school classmate and offered quick support for the then-senator's presidential bid. In 2010, though, Davis lost the Democratic primary for Alabama governor and later joined the GOP. Last month, he addressed the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., prompting a new wave of criticism from Democrats. They've repeatedly blasted him as a turncoat seeking to revive a stalled political career by joining another party, though Davis has rejected that attack.SClBSClBNick Jeffress, the D.C. GOP's executive director, said that Davis' appearance in Tampa helped prompt the invitation.

"He was just somebody who really caught everyone's attention," said Jeffress, who estimated the event would be one of the highest-attended advisory council events in memory.

Jeffress also said Davis is similar to Ron Moten, a former Democrat who is now the Republican nominee for the Ward 7 council seat.

Jeffress described Davis as a "Democrat who came to realize through lots of encounters that the party wasn't working for him," and said Moten had experienced a similar political evolution.SClB