Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer called President Obama a "corporatist," pointing to Obamacare as proof.

"[W]e've had five years of Obama, which I would argue in many cases, he has been corporatist," he explained on MSNBC on Saturday. "The health care bill that was written by the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the medical device companies."

Schweitzer questioned Hillary Clinton's potential 2016 campaign path, wondering if she would run "hard right."

"Will it be the Hillary that leads the progressives? Or is it the Hillary that says, 'I'm already going to win the Democratic nomination so I can shift hard right on day one?' " Schweitzer wondered.

Schweitzer, a rumored Democratic candidate for 2016, also vowed to visit all the counties in Iowa.

"Well, I'll just say that there's, uh, what, around 100 counties in Iowa? You know, my bucket list to try and make it to all the counties of Iowa someday," he said slyly when asked if he would run for president in 2016.

Schweitzer is scheduled to give a speech Dec. 18 at the 2013 Progress Iowa Holiday Party.