John Beale, the former Environmental Protection Agency employee who claimed he was a CIA spy and stole hundreds of dollars from the government, also took two taxpayer-funded trips to London that cost more than $40,000, according to travel vouchers obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Beale's trips to London included first-class airfare, four-star hotels with views of the River Thames and Big Ben, and a three-night detour in Santa Monica.

His first trip, in 2008, cost $22,356. His second trip in 2009 cost $23,109, including more than $1,000 on food and incidental costs.

The vouchers were unsigned and undated, according to the Free Beacon, but covered 2008 to 2011.

This isn't the first example of Beale being reimbursed for excessive travel costs. He charged the government about $300,000 on travel between 2003 and 2011, according to the EPA inspector general.

Beale pleaded guilty to theft of government property in September, and was ordered to pay $507,207 in civil forfeitures and $886,186 in restitution to the EPA.