The former director of the Office of Government Ethics chided President Trump for being what he called a “wannabe autocrat” after sharing a tweet that appeared to be anti-CNN.

"The wannabe autocrat just retweeted an image depicting CNN’s blood on the sole of his shoe," Walter Shaub tweeted Sunday morning. "These colicky tweets reveal he’s hurting this weekend. They make him (and our country) look weak."

Shaub, who left his job in July after four years, is a frequent critic of Trump on Twitter.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump retweeted a tweet in response to a Saturday tweet about his accomplishments. The image is of Trump in a limousine with the text “WINNING” at the top and a dark stain on the sole of one of his shoes with the letters “CNN.”

Trump has often criticized CNN for their reporting on him, calling it “fake news" and other names on both Twitter and in person.

In July, Trump tweeted a controversial video of himself clotheslining CNN.

In a statement, CNN called the video emblematic of a "sad day" in American politics.