A former FBI assistant director who served during Bill Clinton's presidency said agents would have to be "deaf, dumb and blind" not to see how the Obama administration is protecting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from an investigation or indictment.

James Kallstrom, known for leading the 1996 investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800, told Fox News' "Kelly File" on Thursday evening that current agents are "furious" at how higher-ups in the federal agency and Justice Department have "stonewalled" requests to open up a serious probe into an alleged pay-to-play scheme between the Clinton Foundation and State Department.

"You think they perceive the agency or some at Justice as taking sides?" host Megyn Kelly asked Kallstrom.

"You'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see that. Of course that's what's happening. I mean just look at what's in the public domain. I mean, look at the stuff that they left on the table. Top secret codeword documents," Kallstrom responded.

"You know back in the old days you got shot by a firing squad for that stuff. And even today, you should go to Leavenworth for 20, 30 years, that's what happens. They left on the table, you know, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence," Kallstrom added. "I mean, clearly, Congress gives them a letter, subpoena. What do they do two weeks later? They destroy it all."

Kallstrom said he has spoken with hundreds of former and current agents who are "very, very frustrated" because "they see the whole due process thing going down the tubes" under Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

"All crops grow from little things, right? The notion that the FBI would have everything at once - of course they don't have everything at once. Of course the agents have probable cause to look further. That's how the investigations happen," Kallstrom said. "You can't do that without, you know, subpoenas and warrants and the attorney general of the United States is not supporting any of these things. Is that shocking? Not shocking to me. There's no way they're going to indict anybody in this administration."

Kelly followed up with a report that the Bureau embodied a Trumpland, where some envisioned Clinton as the "anti-Christ personified." While Kallstrom said he would not describe the FBI as Trumpland, he admitted agents are frustrated the rule of law is not being brought forward because of politicians and partisan loyalty.