CNN host Alisyn Camerota said Thursday that people she knows at Fox News believe the firing of Bill O'Reilly "isn't the end" of the story when it comes to claims of sexual harassment at the network.

Camerota, who spent 16 years as a Fox host, said she is sure harassment took place at Fox, and said many still there believe an ongoing investigation will mean more trouble for Fox.

"I was there for a long time, as you all know, and I know a lot about the culture and my friends there, there is a feeling... that there's actually more to come, that this isn't the end," she said Thursday morning.

"In fact, we know that there's still an investigation, a Justice Department criminal investigation, and where do we think that might lead?" she asked.

Another CNN host, Brian Stelter, said that investigation relates to whether Fox told enough to investors about the millions of dollars that were allegedly paid out as settlements to women harassed at the network.

"I don't know that I would call it a toxic culture, but I would say that it was pervasive," Camerota said. "That there was a feeling when I was there that Roger was the boss."

"It was Roger Ailes' fiefdom," she said. "He was the king. There was no higher authority that you could ever go to, and there was harassment."

She also disputed Fox's claim that there was a hotline set up to report harassment.

"If a hotline is a secret, it's not going to work," she said.