Former Navy SEAL and businessman Gabriel Gomez, a Republican, on Tuesday announced his campaign for the senate seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry.

“In my military career, at the U.S. Naval Academy, as a Navy aircraft carrier pilot, and as a Navy SEAL, I learned one thing above all else – serving others is more important than being served,” said Gomez in a statement.

“I’m running because I refuse to be cynical about America or about America’s future. Certainly people will say – this can’t be fixed,” Gomez said. “Sending career politicians to do the job would be the same old, same old. Our country is better than its politics. Let’s fix it. “

Gomez also released a video announcement, which he opens in Spanish before repeating in English.

“Today, I’m announcing my run for United States Senate,” Gomez says in English and Spanish. He goes on to explain that Washington is too partisan and too petty, and he wants to fix that.

“I’m not a politician, so I’ll have a very different kind of campaign,” he says.