A former White House intern appeared to display a "white power" hand gesture in a photograph with President Trump, according to a report.

Jack Breuer, an Emory University graduate who interned with White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, used his right hand to form the sign in a picture with Trump and the rest of his intern class in November, per the Daily Mail, in contrast with the "thumbs up" pose Trump had asked the interns to make.

Update: White House intern denies making white power sign in photo with Trump

Three outstretched fingers while the thumb and the index finger form a circle creates the "OK" sign, but the gesture has also become popular among white nationalists and supremacists such as Richard Spencer to symbolize the letters "W" and "P" for "white power."

Breuer nor the White House responded to the Daily Mail's request for comment on the image.

"Context is everything," one fellow intern told the publication. "Jack is pictured with President Trump, one of the most controversial leaders we've had."

But "Jack's a good kid and is probably doing it as a joke," the intern added. "Some people do consider it a joke because it is the OK sign."

Despite members of the alt-right adopting the gesture, the Anti-Defamation League has deemed the sign to not represent a hate symbol.

The ADL claim the white nationalist and supremacy link to the gesture is an Internet hoax started by online discussion board, 4chan, to mock liberals.