The business TV wars are heating up, now that CNBC has moved to air reality shows about car salesmen and treasure hunters, potentially providing Fox Business Network with an opening to grab more business news-focused viewers.

The recent dust-up between the two business networks followed a recent story revealing that CNBC has a policy prohibiting guests from appearing on other business TV, like Fox or Bloomberg, within 24 hours of a CNBC appearance.

Fox jumped on the story, airing an ad asking: "Does CNBC really think they can order CEOs around." They even ran the ad on CNBC, during the network's popular morning show Squawk Box.

Then, when CNBC decided to fill evening hours with the reality shows "Treasure Detectives and "The Car Chasers" starting Tuesday, Fox took another shot, airing an ad to make the case that the reality show they focus on is Wall Street. "The reality is business doesn't keep off hours," said the ad. "Our business is business, that's our reality."

Fox business started in 2007 and has making substantial gains on CNBC. Evening host Lou Dobbs, for example, has frequently topped CNBC's Kudlow Report.