Fox News was careful and brief in much of its coverage of the Thursday death of its former CEO Roger Ailes but the sexual harassment controversy that led to his ousting last summer was eventually addressed directly by afternoon anchor Jenna Lee.

At the end of her "America's News HQ" program in the 2 p.m. ET hour, Lee paid homage to Ailes, saying there was "truly no one like him" and credited him with having "changed the American media landscape" with Fox News.

She continued, "He developed a commitment to the slogan 'Fair and Balanced' and for that reason I know he'd want you to hear some of what I'm about to say because you're going to hear about it elsewhere."

Lee then went into the series of allegations brought to a head last year by former anchor Gretchen Carlson and that ultimately ended Ailes' career.

"The facts are that a sexual harassment controversy led to Roger's firing last July and consumed this network, blindsiding many and challenging us to rethink what we thought we knew to be true," she said. "The loss of Roger as our CEO back then and now as a person is met with heavy, heavy hearts."

Still, Lee said the controversy didn't undermine Ailes' reputation among many at the network as "a loving dad who believed in his son more than anything in this world" and as a husband who "celebrated his wife Beth as an unparalleled source of light in his life."

Ailes' wife announced his death Thursday morning. He had reportedly suffered complications after a fall in his bathroom.