Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing HuffPost reporter Yashar Ali for defamation after he was was suspended last week following a report that he sent lewd photos of male genitalia to his female co-workers.

"Just received a summons. Eric Bolling is suing me for defamation - $50 million in damages. I stand by my reporting + will protect my sources," Ali tweeted.

Bolling is seeking $50 million from Ali for a myriad of damages including, "reputable, monetary, special, and punitive." Bolling is also seeking relief for "costs and fees," according to a copy of the summons tweeted by CNN reporter Tom Kludt.

HuffPost's Yashar Ali reported on Friday that Bolling, on multiple occasions, sent unsolicited photos to female co-workers several years ago. On Saturday, a Fox spokesperson confirmed that Bolling had been suspended and that an investigation into the allegations was underway.

Bolling's attorney told HuffPost on Saturday the host said he "does not believe he sent any communications."

Bolling also tweeted Wednesday night following the news of the lawsuit, thanking everyone for their continued support and ensuring that he would continue to fight to clear his name.