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Buzz Cut:
•        Selling Syria to Congress
•        Obama plays on GOP divisions
•        John Kerry’s War
•        Worldwide war drums
•        Hillary heard from

OBAMA STEPS UP SYRIA SALES JOB - President Obama today will enlist Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in his effort to convince skeptical members of Congress to back the president’s call for attacking Syrian government forces. Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry says McCain’s visit to the Oval Office is part of an effort to “flood the zone” in a bid to win congressional support, with Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and others banging the phones to convince lawmakers to back the plan.

[Ed Henry wants to know: Tuesday night, President Obama heads to Sweden and Russia until late Friday. How many minds can he change in the next 36 hours?]

Obama targets GOP in political push - Lawmakers of both parties are leery of Obama’s plan to punish Syrian strongman Bashar Assad for the use of chemical weapons two weeks ago in that country’s civil war. But with Republicans forming the backbone of opposition to Obama’s planned strike, McCain’s highly publicized huddle is a clear effort to ratchet up pressure on Republicans to get behind the war plan.

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