Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended after allegations that he sent lewd photos of male genitalia to his female co-workers arose.

Huffington Post's Yashar Ali reported on Friday evening that Bolling had sent unsolicited photos on multiple occasions to female co-workers several years ago. On Saturday, a Fox News spokesperson confirmed that Bolling had been suspended following the allegations and that an investigation is being opened into the matter.

Paul Weiss, a law firm with a history of handling Fox News complaints, will be leading the investigation.

Bolling's attorney told Huffington Post that he "does not believe he sent any communications."

Later in the day, Caroline Heldman identified herself as being one of the women who Bolling subject to sexual harassment, going into detail in a long Facebook post first reported by the Huffington Post.

Bolling is a co-host of the Fox News talk show, "The Specialists," and is host of a Saturday morning program "Cashin in" which was cut from airing this morning and replaced by an episode of "America's News HQ," according to Mediaite.

The number of harassment complaints continues to climb at Fox News. Within the past year the media company has ousted big names such as host Bill O'Reilly and the late Roger Ailes. More recently Fox Business suspended Charles Payne on allegations of sexual harassment.