Cast as a grassroots Republican movement for Hillary Rodham Clinton, most of the money for "Republicans for Clinton" is actually coming from a key Democrat and onetime co-founder of Facebook, according to a new investigation.

Billionaire Democratic megadonor Dustin Moskovitz has forked over 70 percent of the donations to the Super PAC's started by two former George W. Bush advisors, essentially muddying the whole point that it is a group of Republicans so upset with Donald Trump that they'd back Clinton.

And it's not just any PAC — this one has also set up a site that urges voters to "trade" votes to help torpedo Trump.

The Center for Public Integrity's Michael Beckel poured over the group's new campaign finance documents and found that Moskovitz has contributed $250,000 to R4C16, which is 70 percent of its funding through mid-October.

The cash came as Moskovitz, who now runs Asana, and his wife, Cari Tuna, pledged to spend $20 million to help elect Democrats in 2016. And in August, Beckel reported, the duo In gave $416,100 to the Hillary Victory Fund.

Two other key donors to the GOP PAC have also sent $2,700 checks to Clinton.

The PAC is an unusual one because it urges voters to "trade" their votes.

Read how it works here.

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