Just 17 percent of American voters believe the country is headed in the right direction, an eye-popping 11-point free fall in a week and the lowest level in nearly two years, according to Rasmussen Reports.

On the other end, a whopping 76 percent of voters think the country is headed down the wrong track, a 13-point one-week surge and the “highest level of pessimism since November 2011,” said the polling firm.

The nation’s bout of depression comes as President Obama and House Republicans are fighting over the budget, the government shutdown, Obamacare and raising the debt ceiling. In an effort to break the logjam, GOP leaders and committee chairs are planning to meet with the president at the White House on Thursday.

The fast and massive shift in the right direction/wrong track polling is remarkable and is felt even by the president’s party, which saw the biggest change.

Rasmussen reported that 61 percent of Democrats believe the country is on the wrong track, a major shift from a week ago, when just 41 percent felt that way.

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