If you’re interested in libertarian populism, you’re not alone. Lots of writers have written about it lately (for my primers on it, check my post-election column, my brief rundown of some proposals, and my defense of its political viability). Here’s the new stuff relevant to it today:

  • In The New Republic, we see polling data confirming what we’ve been saying for a while: the working class is the gettable vote for Republicans right now.
  • Ross Douthat in the New York Times writes that it’s not impossible to make the GOP the party of the working class.
  • Jesse Walker at Reason warns libertarian populists (1) not to lose the populism, the libertarianism, (2) not to hitch themselves too firmly to the GOP, (3) not to obsess over election results.

And Ben Domenech at the Transom promises to write on the broader issue for his newsletter tomorrow morning.