Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is crisscrossing the country this month to collect cash from members of Hollywood and New York's 1-percenters.

Members of the Hollywood Elite - including Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and J.J. Abrams -- will host a fundraiser for Davis on May 22, according to ABC News.

Thinking about rubbing elbows with the rich and famous? Think again. The minimum donation to get in the door is a cool $1,000.

To be labeled a “supporter,” you’d have to donate or raise $5,000 and to be a co-host, you’ll need to donate or raise $10,000. Host-level status will set you back $25,000.

The money will be split between the Davis campaign and Battleground Texas, an organization trying to make Texas competitive for Democrats.

But before Davis sets off to bask in the Hollywood spotlight, she'll be attending a fundraiser Wednesday at the home of wealthy Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

That fundraiser will not be as glamorous as the on in Hollywood, and the cost to get in the door is just $50.

Davis has been raising more money than her Republican opponent Greg Abbott, but in early March it was revealed that more than a quarter of Davis' fundraising came from outside groups, compared to just 2 percent for Abbott. And despite being out fundraised, Abbott still leads Davis by double digits.