A violent fugitive who had been on the run for seven months has been captured thanks to a tip from a reader of The Washington Examiner.

Jericho Missouri was featured in the newspaper on Thursday, and was in handcuffs by Friday, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. Authorities frisked Missouri and found a folded- up copy of The Examiner's "Most Wanted" article in his pocket.

Missouri becomes the 53rd fugitive whose arrest has been credited to readers of The Examiner since it began its "Most Wanted" feature more than four years ago.

"Thank God for the good people of D.C.," said Inspector Bob Hoffmaster of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force. "Without this tip I wouldn't have solved it right now -- and I was pressing hard."

Hoffmaster said he received two calls the day his story ran in The Examiner. One was from Missouri himself, who said he'd turn himself in the following week.

Hoffmaster told Missouri that he should turn himself immediately, and kept working the case.

Another person called in to say that Missouri was in Barry Farms in Southeast Washington. The person gave Hoffmaster enough information to lead him to the address where Missouri was hiding. He was quickly arrested by members of the task force.

Missouri, 23, has a history of running from authorities. In 2010, he escaped from a D.C. halfway house where he was finishing his sentence for an armed robbery. He walked away from the facility and was found the following day driving an SUV that had been carjacked a by a man with a shotgun.

Missouri was sentenced to 14 months in prison for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was released on parole and disappeared last summer.

Hoffmaster said Missouri is the second fugitive he has captured thanks to tips from Examiner readers. The first was a Virginia man wanted in a 1997 cold-case slaying.

Since 2008, The Examiner's "Most Wanted" feature has led directly to the capture or surrender of 53 fugitives, including at least nine accused or convicted of murder.