Secretary of State John Kerry praised Yankee Stadium for recognizing the city of Boston after the horrific bombing that occurred at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

“This is unusual but a couple of days ago at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees posted the Boston Red Sox logo and they sang ‘Sweet Adeline’ after the third inning I take, but it was a great tribute to the way America comes together,” the former U.S. Senator of Massachusetts said proudly.

The Boston Red Sox favorite, of course, is Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ traditionally played during the eighth inning.

About an hour and a later, Kerry corrected his gaffe during the hearing.

“Mr. President – um Mr. Chairman, I, um, you know, maybe its the confusion, not the confusion but its the emotion of actually getting to the point where I praise the New York Yankees and the tribute to Boston and I’m not used to giving the Evil Empire credit for something, but with my head and heart in Boston, I think I said ‘Sweet Adeline,’ which is Ted Kennedy’s grandfather, Honey Fitz’s, favorite song, and I meant Sweet Caroline and I want to make sure everybody knows that I can sing Sweet Caroline but I ain’t singing it here for you now,” Kerry explained. “I,  just – my head was – whatever – jumbled up.”