Despite a year on the campaign trail, promoters including President Obama and Michelle Obama, and a $1 billion war chest to pitch her cause, the word voters most associate with Hillary Rodham Clinton is email, and that's a bad thing, according to a new survey.

"'Email' drowns out everything else, particularly anything relating to policy or substance. Indeed, the second-, third- and fourth-most-frequently used words associated with Clinton also relate to emails: 'FBI,' 'investigation' and 'scandal,'" said a Gallup analysis of the Democrat.

"The bad news for Clinton is that all of the ways the public associates Clinton with emails — misuse of email, email revealing things she doesn't want revealed and the way in which she has handled emails after the fact — are negative," said Gallup.

Gallup also found that people have switched from paying attention to Donald Trump to Clinton, again a bad thing.

"When Trump is more in the news, it's bad for him and good for Clinton, and vice versa. Thus, the downturn in Americans' mentions of Trump may be positive for his campaign," said Gallup.

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