Sixty-four percent of Americans say they wouldn't like to see their child have a career in politics, according to a new Gallup poll. Just 31 percent say they would like to see their child get into politics. This dismay for politics as a career does not change whether asked about a "child," "son" or "daughter" getting involved.

Curiously, if asked about a daughter getting into politics first, responders were more likely to approve. Thirty-seven percent would approve of their child getting into politics if "daughter" was asked first, versus just 26 percent who would say the same if "son" were asked first.

While this seems like a troubling percentage, it is not as bad as in 1994, when 71 percent of Americans said they would not like to see their daughter get involved in politics and 68 percent said the same of their son.

These numbers are not all that surprising, considering just 19 percent of Americans trust the government, according to the last Gallup poll on the subject in 2012. Considering the scandalpalooza still going on, that number is probably even lower.