The thrill of President Obama's reelection is gone--and now so are his highest Gallup approval ratings since right after his first election in 2008.

Obama, whose approval rating was 56 percent around Christmas, has sunk to 47 percent approve with an equal percentage disapproving of the president's performance.

Worse for the president is how his Gallup approval rating has dipped in just the last two weeks as he's faced a triple-threat of scandals: Benghazi, IRS and the search for AP sources. Two weeks ago, for example, he held a 50 percent approval rating and 43 percent disapproval.

And it's not likely to get better as his foes pile on and Congress opens new investigations into the scandals. Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, for example, tweeted Thursday: "We are beginning to hear echoes of Watergate whispering through DC and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."