The two top military leaders appointed by President Obama to the Joint Chiefs of Staff may stay on under the Trump administration, the Defense Department announced Friday.

The president nominated Gen. Joseph Dunford to remain as chairman and Gen. Paul Selva to continue as vice chairman.

Dunford, a former Marine Corps commandant, and Selva were originally appointed by Obama in 2015 and their two-year terms are set to expire this year.

If confirmed, Dunford will continue as the nation's highest military officer and the top advisor to the president and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis as the administration presses ahead with its effort to defeat the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Dunford has a long professional military relationship with Mattis, who is a retired Marine Corps general, and both men served together during the Iraq war.

The two top Trump defense officials spoke from the Pentagon Friday touting new military approaches against the Islamic State including encircling the group's strongholds and delegating more authority to leaders in the field.

Selva is an Air Force general and pilot who was in charge of U.S. Transportation Command before joining the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Dunford.