What do Kingston Rossdale, Blue Ivy and Matilda Ledger have in common? They are all celebrity offspring whose sartorial choices have come under the wrath of another famous child, Suri Cruise, on what's now another successful Tumblr-turned-hardback entitled "Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from America's Little Sweetheart," written from the imagined perspective by George Washington University alum Allie Hagan.

What started as an idea for a celebrity baby blog back in July 2011, has become a sharp-tongued exercise in what not to wear for kids and, growingly, their parents. "The only one who I could imagine passing judgment on her peers was Suri Cruise," Hagan explained. She hosted a book party for her Washington-based fans last week at A BAR, complete with two Suri Cruise cocktails featuring edible pearls. And after moving from Washington to Atlanta, Hagan finds that D.C. influences her version of Suri. Suri "is very concerned about Congress and has been looking for the past year to find a member (preferably a senator) to keep in her pocket," Hagan tells Yeas & Nays. And while Hagan doesn't believe there is a D.C. "voice" in her writing, she peppers Suri's comments with District-centric references including the Aspen Institute, "which is almost a D.C. inside joke," Hagan says.

Naturally, the conventions did not escape Suri's criticism. Hagan noted that Paul Ryan's daughter Liza is "darling," but Suri chimed in on the blog, calling her uneven spray tan "about the fourth-craziest thing to come out of the RNC." Suri gives the Obama girls top marks for their manners and behavior, and politely suggests that newcomer Carina Castro, daughter of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro get more media training after flipping her hair during her dad's speech. "If you're going to have a career in professional politics, you're going to have to learn to sit still and keep your tongue in your mouth," Suri writes.

-- Contributed by Lucy Westcott