Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, better known as the sisters behind Georgetown Cupcake, have returned to television for a second season of their TLC reality show "D.C. Cupcakes."

"I think the second season really shows that sister dynamic more than the first season," Kallinis tells Yeas & Nays, admitting that she was embarrassed about the way she came across in the first episode of the second season. She, at times,  loses her cool with LaMontagne as the two construct a nine-foot-tall glow-in-the-dark cupcake guitar cake for a sweet 16 birthday party.

The guitar is only the start of the cupcake creations they cook up in the second season. The sisters bake 10,000 cupcakes at the Pentagon to be sent overseas in an episode entitled "Operation Cupcake." They create a couture wedding dress made out of cupcakes for D.C. Fashion Week. They design a giant pink bra made out of cupcakes for Breast Cancer Awareness month. And they cater a birthday party for two gorillas at the National Zoo. (The cupcakes for the humans, not the gorillas).

"We made a slot machine out of cupcakes and we made it functional," LaMontagne says, calling that project the most difficult thus far. And they are creating new flavors to sell at the Georgetown store. Every day in March they will sell an Irish creme cupcake and a mint cookies and creme cupcake. In April they will introduce a cherry blossom cupcake to the menu and a hummingbird cupcake, which consists of a banana-pineapple-pecan cake with vanilla frosting.

And despite rumors that there may be a cupcake war brewing between Georgetown Cupcake and Sprinkles Cupcakes, which will soon open three blocks away in Georgetown, the sisters contend that, the more cupcakeries the better.

"No, no, not at all," Kallinis said. "We don't want to hold people back." LaMontagne says, to stay competitive, they will do what they've always done — "which is make the best cupcakes," she said. 

"D.C. Cupcakes" airs Friday on TLC at 10 p.m.