Fox News' Geraldo Rivera called on President Trump to apologize for the “shithole countries” remark he reportedly made during an immigration meeting with lawmakers last week.

“@realDonaldTrump last week I told you on phone that I love you like a brother,” Rivera tweeted Saturday afternoon.

“In that spirit I ask you to apologize for your unfortunate remarks. I’m in hospital getting back surgery My skilled compassionate nurse is from #Kenya She told me how you’d hurt her family’s feelings,” he continued.

The Fox News employee penned a follow-up tweet, calling on the president to “take this opportunity” to “reach out and make your Administration more inclusive.”

Rivera is one of many Republicans to call on the president to apologize after it was reported he made offensive statements about Haiti and African nations, including a reference to "shithole countries,"

Trump denied the “shithole” remark in a tweet on Friday, but did acknowledge using “tough” language during the meeting Thursday.