If the U.S. terminates the Iran nuclear deal then it will lead to an increased chance of war, German's foreign minister said on Saturday.

Sigmar Gabriel told a German radio station that President Trump's threat Friday to not formally certify the Iran nuclear accord could further destabilize the region.

"My big concern is that what is happening in Iran or with Iran from the U.S. perspective will not remain an Iranian issue but many others in the world will consider whether they themselves should acquire nuclear weapons too given that such agreements are being destroyed," Gabriel said, according to a report from Reuters.

Gabriel said that if the U.S. terminated the deal or reimposed sanctions then it gives Iranian hardliners the upper hand and the world would be where it was about a decade ago in dealing with Iran with nuclear ambitions.

He asked the U.S. not to endanger security of its allies due to domestic politics.

Trump punted the decision on whether to reimpose sanctions to Congress, which has 60 days to decide it.

European leaders said after Trump's announcement that they were still committed to the deal. The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Friday at a news conference that Trump couldn't unilaterally break the deal, according to a report in Politico Europe.