Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci recalled Friday how "germaphobe" President Trump made him get a penicillin shot on Air Force One after Scaramucci complained about a sore throat.

"He’s a little bit of a germaphobe. He doesn’t like people that don’t feel well sitting around him. So he called the medic in," Scaramucci told New York's 710 WOR radio host Len Berman when asked about the best story from his short tenure with the Trump administration.

Scaramucci said staff then took him to the airplane's hospital bay, pulled down his pants, and gave him a dose of antibiotics.

"There I am, traveling on the most famous plane in the world, with the most powerful person on the planet, and my pants are down and I’m taking a shot of penicillin like I was in the second grade," he continued.

Scaramucci was fired from his White House post, a position he says he held for "954,000 seconds" after the publication of a profanity-laced conversation between him and former New Yorker Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza.

Lizza was dismissed from the magazine on Dec. 11 after reports of alleged sexual misconduct.

Scaramucci described Lizza's ouster as "karma," as the former financier continues to insist the discussion between the pair was meant to be off the record.

“Look at what happened to Ryan Lizza, because at the end of the day karma comes back and hits the bad actors,” he said.