Hillary Clinton has managed to “step in it” by criticizing the White House's handling of Iraq and Syria, a mistake that will take some work to correct ahead of Clinton's appearance Wednesday evening with President Obama, according to CNN's Gloria Borger.

“I think she's well aware that she stepped in it,” Borger said. “She had in her book [Hard Choices] ... that were differences with the president on Syria. But what she did was she took a policy difference and she made it personal, calling Syria policy a failure.”

Borger then referenced former White House aide David Axelrod's thinly veiled shot at Clinton when he sent the following tweet Tuesday:

David Axelrod, Borger continued, “tweeted something that people in the White House were saying privately, which is, 'don't do stupid stuff.' ”

What the former White House adviser is doing, she added, is that he's “reminding everybody that Hillary Clinton had actually voted for the war in Iraq. Don’t forget this is a president who — when she was retiring — went on "60 Minutes" with her, some of his staff has gone to work for her. … I think there are lots of hard feelings that she has got to try and fix.”

Clinton may also hurt her chances for 2016, Borger said, explaining that the Democratic base still sides with Obama on issues regarding foreign policy.

Clinton's team released a statement Tuesday explaining that her remarks on the White House's handling of Iraq and Syria were not meant to be a criticism of the president.

“Secretary Clinton was proud to serve with President Obama, she was proud to be his partner in the project of restoring American leadership and advancing America’s interests and values in a fast-changing world,” Clinton's people said in a statement obtained by Politico.

“She continues to share his deep commitment to a smart and principled foreign policy that uses all the tools at our disposal to achieve our goals. Earlier today, the secretary called President Obama to make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him, his policies, or his leadership.”

Clinton told reporters Wednesday afternoon that she looks forward to “hugging” the president at an event scheduled for later that evening.