Imagine looking out your living room window late at night and seeing in your front yard a torch-carrying mob threatening you with violence.

That's what happened to oil pipeline company executive Mark Maki recently, according to journalist Lachlan Markay. Maki is president and director of Enbridge Energy Management LLC in Houston, Texas.

The torch-carrying protestors on Maki's front lawn were upset because his company filed criminal trespass charges against three of their comrades who chained themselves to Enbridge equipment.

"Solidarity means attack"

Maki opened his front door and walked out to talk to the protestors and the evening concluded without violence. But it highlights a growing threat of the least-reported form of domestic terrorism.

Eco-terrorism are acts of violence committed by radical Big Green activists who, like the SDS Weather Underground of the 1960s, aren't satisfied with protests and politics to advance the most radical environmental agenda.

There have been hundreds of such acts in recent decades, almost always against corporations and private property and epitomized by the slogan of the protestors on Maki's front yard — "solidarity means attack."

Anti-Keystoners getting desperate

Expect an upsurge of eco-terrorism in the near future because mainstream Big Green powers like the Sierra Club have officially sanctioned civil disobedience against Keystone XL pipeline construction if President Obama approves it.

As it happens, Washington Examiner columnist Ron Arnold first coined the term "eco-terrorism" in a Reason Magazine article in 1983.

Arnold's book, EcoTerror: The violent agenda to save nature — The world of a Unabomber, was the first to describe in detail a movement only briefly glimpsed by Americans in the Unabomber saga.

He also completed a 2008 study on eco-terrorism for the federally funded Terrorism Research Center at the University of Arkansas.

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