A giant inflatable art installation depicting President Trump as a rat drew a crowd of curious onlookers Wednesday in Washington, D.C., on the protest piece's last day on display in the nation's capital.

"I would say the reaction from people seeing 'Trump Rat' has been a level of amusement that feels like ecstasy," John Post Lee of BravinLee, one of the artists behind the project, told the Washington Examiner. "I made it as a cathartic exercise and looking into people's eyes there is something significant about it when they see it too."

The 15-foot Trump caricature, complete with a long tail, Confederate flag cufflinks, and a Russian Federation lapel pin, was created by New York-based artist Jeffrey Beebe in collaboration with BravinLee thanks to $10,000 crowdsourced from supporters.

"'Trump Rat' is not about ridicule as in tit for tat or a comeuppance," BravinLee wrote on Facebook. "It is way more than that. It is classic satire, it is art imitating life, holding up a mirror to a president whose modus operandi, MO, every single day, is about governing by ridicule, communicating by ridicule, decision-making by ridicule."

BravinLee added that it was "not about fighting fire with fire."

"It's about fighting fire with satire," the cultural production platform continued.

The rat debuted in Manhattan earlier in August, where it was placed at the Grand Army Plaza, a couple of blocks away from Trump Tower.

The idea is to keep showing the rat while also loaning it out to protests, Lee wrote on the initial Kickstarter fundraising page.

"The longer-term goal is to form the Public Display of Disaffection Political Action Committee (PDDPAC)," Lee wrote. "PDD-PAC will use the language and power of art to make resistance to the Trump regime more robust and visually engaging."