Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs suggested that Mitt Romney’s upcoming foreign policy tour this week is more about fundraising than discussing a substantive political agenda.

“We did not do fundraisers on our trip,” Gibbs said when asked about the topic on an Obama campaign conference call with reporters. “In many ways, some of the early itineraries look like Romney’s trip might be almost entirely built around fundraising.”

Gibbs almost passed on attacking Romney over the fundraisers — “I’ll let them get into the appropriateness of all of that” — but took a shot at him moments later.

“The American people demand and require something greater of their political candidates than speaking to a fundraising reception,” he said. “The bar really is whether or not Mitt Romney really is finally going to shed a little light on what appears to be the secrecy of his foreign policy plans.”

Gibbs, now a senior adviser for the Obama campaign, did acknowledge that “we’ve sent surrogates overseas to do fundraisers with American citizens.”