As Mitt Romney criticizes the Obama administration's response to Islamic radicals' attacks on American diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling the attacks a coordinated effort to "humiliate" the United States.

"If there are simultaneous outrages in both Egypt and Libya on 9/11, it was a deliberate, planned insult to the United States," says Gingrich.  "No one in the country should be confused about the coordination, the viciousness, and the determination to humiliate the U.S."

"For the Obama embassy in Cairo to apologize to the fanatics who have stormed the embassy and burned the flag, for the fact that we cherish freedom of speech, is insulting beyond belief," Gingrich continues.  "And whoever wrote that should be fired tomorrow summarily.  And the Congress should pass resolutions condemning the State Department statements and calling on the president to stand up for America."